We are in Fene. Although the Way continues on the left if you turn right, a few meters away there is the Humour Museum, the only one in Galicia on graphic humour. It is situated at the outbuildings of the House of Culture.

After a travelling exhibition around Galicia in 1983 with drawings from two of the best Galician graphic humourists, Xaquín Marín and Siro and these authors have launched a manifesto in which they cite humour as one of the distinctive qualities of the Galician spirit, something which is used to laugh, but also to think. In the following year the Humour Museum sprang up in Fene whose director was to be Xaquín Marín.

At its premises you can see the graphic work of the best humourists from Galicia and elsewhere, as it sets out to spread the word about Gailician humourists outside Galicia and here about humourists from the rest of the world. The Museum publishes a magazine and every year it gives various prizes with the name of “Curuxa” (owl) which is the name they give to someone or an institution that stands out for its lack of humour.